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Human nakedness is a gift from God and it is something that has ‘moral’ significance.
In fact, human nakedness is ‘sacred’. If our nakedness is violated and unprotected then a moral issue is created. That’s why Ps Chris Field has coined the term ‘Sacred Nakedness’ to describe human sexuality.

But, since human nakedness is sacred, that creates a problem for marriage. How do two people get past the sacredness of their own naked body, to encounter the intimacy of marriage?
The answer is simple. It is the Moral Miracle which God performs at Marriage – where the husband and wife become “one flesh”, where they are each “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” with one another. Their nakedness is still ‘sacred’, but the two bodies now share the same nakedness. So their intimacy is perfectly moral and holy.

However, a couple who are almost married and who decide to explore the intimacies of marriage will be violating sacred nakedness, because the Moral Miracle hasn’t taken place.

Ps Chris Field explains this in his video: Sacred Nakedness.

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  1. says

    Sacred Nakedness is a physical thing. It’s about “one flesh”. The church has blurred its understanding by thinking “one flesh” also means one mind, one spirit, or one soul.
    The specific Moral Miracle which God performs is to give 2 different bodies the same moral status as if they were both the same body.
    This enables sexual intimacy that is moral and honourable.
    Our openness and transparency on the level of our thoughts, attitudes and the like is a separate issue.
    As Western culture succumbs to increasing levels of immorality the church needs to clarify its understanding of sexuality. Sacred Nakedness and the Moral Miracle are just part of helping the Christian world reclaim their moral ground.


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